Saturday, January 29, 2011

This is Simply What I Want

It is Sunday once again my friends. I am glad the weather today is good, there's no rain. If no rain, it means no more mud and flood outside. Today's weather is so perfect to walk going to the mall nearby because the mud is now dry. When we go there today what I want to check first above all things is the made to measure roller blinds. I hope they're on sale because today is a holiday.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Since I am Back to Cooking

I am the chef in our home. I trying hard chef. lol! Well at least. (wink) Honestly, I really love cooking ever since, but because I have no time before so I set it aside. And now that I got all the time in the world I want to explore about cooking. So my cooking blog will be back to action soon. Sorry for those who got the time to drop there but have not eaten any food. Promise guys from now on I'll not let you starve. lol!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Just for Your Information

I have read about accutane and how it affects to any user. By the way accutane has different names such as Decutan or Ratane and it is created for acne treatment. When I was reading for the information about the said stuff I was really surprised with this numerous side effects. Who do you think of us would like to use anything that has a bad effects to our body. Nobody right? Maybe unless if not aware or just don't care what the result. So for anyone who suffers the consequence with accutane, why not file an accutane lawsuit? Fight for your rights and be wary to what's going on around you.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Quality Restaurant Equipment and Supplies

I have been to different restaurants before and the thing that I first look at next to the ambiance are their equipments. Yes it is very important to me. By simply looking at their restaurant equipment and supplies you can tell if they have that classy taste. I have not enrolled in hotel and restaurant course but based on my experience and personal taste I can really tell. Since it has been part of their business to show and serve their client, so they should provide their best in all the way. In terms of equipment like great products, when I did my queries they are buying mostly in bulk and in wholesale prices. In this way, businessowners can really save a big amount of money.

If you have a business that needs restaurant supplies I know some place. Guys just let me know and I'll guide you the day to the right path.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

If Only I Have the Means

I have mentioned before on my other blogs about my eagerness to shift from curtain to blinds. I got attracted to the vertical blinds. But sad to say I haven`t buy yet what I liked. For me blinds are quite expensive compared to the curtains I bought previously. If I have savings then maybe that`s the time to get it, so not now.

Air-Conditioner Please!

Hubby told me many times to get another air conditioning unit before he left Canada. But what did I do? I did not listen to him. I know I am so stubborn but I have also my reason at that time. So when he arrived and stayed for five weeks I got complains. I admitted my fault anyway. He`s not used to our climate here so I felt sorry for him. Sorry honey soon I gonna get a new one for our living room.

When I looked yesterday in the appliance center nearby I got the price for split type and it`s more than 20,000 pesos for cash basis. Ummm... I need to save for this. (wink)

Warranty is Very Necessary

When buying expensive items especially property, the buyer should look for any warranty to make sure that whatever happens to the purchased item still the buyer can chase the seller to make it repair or whatever goes wrong. For real estate, one home warranty that I know is from HMS Home Warranty and I think anyone should take glance about it.

Searching for Another PreSchool

I am in the look of another preschool for my soon 2 preschoolers this coming next class opening. So far for the school where my son is attending at the moment, my complain there is its location which is a bit far. The road going there is no good, there are holes. Although the school is using the Montessori but surely I can find one in the same type. So wish me luck guys for my searching process.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Feeling the Shock from My Laptop. Do You Know the Reason?

I am wondering why I got shocks from my laptop. Does anybody out there experienced the same thing? Would you mind sharing it with me? I need help. Hubby suggested me to visit a laptop technician but I still not able to do it. I tried searching online some solutions but it says there it's about DC and AC. Well, I don't know about electricity.

I need help. I don't like to get the shock because it's running through all my senses. So please help me people.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Last December

Month of December is such a memorable part in my life. We celebrated events like hubby's birthday, our wedding anniversary and Christmas. Of course it was so especial because hubby was with us. The kids were so happy. I saw the glow on their eyes when they were together with their dad. With those events mentioned, bottles of wines witnessed our glorious moments. I am glad I found the wine merchants that sells variety of wines. For the upcoming events, I won't hesitate to contact them again and order the wines that would suit our taste buds.

Thinking of Advertising Again

In terms of advertising Adgitize is the only one that is affordable to an ordinary blogger like me. I earned few cents and gained traffic for a couple of months during my advertising period but those times were ended when I leave blogging for a while. In fairness I missed those times. I missed earning and I missed visiting my blogger friends blogs. Now, I am preparing for my come back. I am sorting few things here and hopefully I'll be done earlier so I could start blogging soon. As part of it is my comeback to advertising in Adgitize.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Choose the Best Scrub

It is always in the company's goal to provide good quality products to the customers in order for the business to grow and be successful. Without the customer of course there is no business to occur. And speaking of business, a certain company named Blue Sky Scrubs was born in the year 2005 as manufacturer of scrub hats. Few months after, the company added medical scrubs uniforms, hospital uniforms and also nursing scrubs uniforms. Blue Sky Scrubs believes in making the finest and most fashionable medical scrubs and medical scrubs hats available. When the company has just started only one color was available in scrub sets, but now that they are always adding new colors there are already more than fifteen solid colors available. It only shows that the business is growing and taking the road of success. So if you are looking for nursing scrubs you should visit first Blue Sky Scrubs to see their good quality products.

Even though Blue Sky Scrubs nursing scrubs and surgical scrubs are only available at their online store but no worries because they can ship their medical uniforms to anywhere in the world. So if ever you want more clarification or quiries about their scrub clothing or about the shipping charges simply visit

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