Thursday, January 31, 2013

Waitress Fired for Posting Receipt of Applebee

Few days I ago I was amused with the article on Yahoo about the waitress posting the image receipt billed to a certain customer of Applebee. The customer who was claiming as a Pastor put his signature on it complaining the percentage tip. These words were on the receipt, “I Give God 10% why do you get 18?"

Upon reading that story I couldn't believe that certain thing could be done by a "Pastor" who is always calling God's name. Just in my own thoughts, the Pastor should be happy for sharing her blessings to somebody who work hard for a living. Well, the judgement is yours folks. You have your own opinion and beliefs towards this issue.

Now I thought that issue would just fade away after days of its publicity since there were no real personalities mentioned. But to my surprised, today, I read a continuation over that matter and the waitress who published the receipt in the real name of Chelsea Welch was fired by her employer (Applebee) for doing such act. Isn't that reasonable to you? Hmmm... Again you judge!

The Pastor who has been identified as Alois Bell has told the Applebee's restaurant manager that the news spread online ruined her reputation. Hmmm.. .Really? So why did she wrote on the piece of paper those words? Is it because she didn't think what would be the outcome if exposed or maybe just her time for a certain revelation. 

It is sad to know that the employee was fired just because of that receipt published online. To anyone who are currently employed especially the front-liners who deal directly to the customers, extra caution is necessary as you know business owners value their clients or customers very much as well as their business reputation.

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