Monday, January 6, 2014

Tourmaline-Ceramic Hair Straightener for my Dull, Frizzy Hair

At last I finally bought a new hair straightener for my hair. After realizing that bringing my hair to the salon here in Canada is a luxury due to its expensive rates, I got an idea of bringing salon at home. Meaning, buying salon stuffs and manage my own hair from the comfort of home. In the Philippines, I used to treat my hair with hair spa, hair rebonding, etc., but not here anymore. The rates are above the head and I can’t swallow to spend hundreds of dollars just for my hair. I rather buy the money for my kids’ clothes or household needs than my own personal beautification.

Anyway, after knowing that London Drugs allows PayPal to purchase online, I become addicted shopping now. I purchased this Hair Straightener online on their website and after two hours I picked up the item with the other stuff.

As soon as we arrived home, I tried this tool on my daughter’s curly hair as she wants her hair to be straight. Actually she’s also the main reason why I made up my mind to get this tool. We were so anxious to know and see if what’s the result after the thorough procedure on her hair since it’s curly(photos next time).

Tourmaline Ceramic Plates

According to the label, tourmaline-ceramic plates provide high, even heat and maximum hair-conditioning ions for shiny, healthy-looking hair. 

In the next update I'll try to give you a review of this product base on my personal experience. I'll not be compensated for doing so I just want to share to my readers. See you next round guys. 

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