The Development of Game Developers in Indonesia

Game Developer in Indonesia now does not want to be outdone by the game developer in other countries. Now, there so many Indonesian game developers who are producing games, even recently, there are local games that are very well known in Play Store, for example, is the Tahu Bulat game produced by Own Games. Then Froggy and Pesticide by None Developer and many more popular local games on the Play Store. Making a game requires the best and high quality software to make it. Most of the game developers are originated from a gamer who wanted to make a game of their own. The following are the review of some of the best game engine software with high quality and easiest to use around the world. You can also look for it on the FileHippo site.

The Well-Known Game Maker

Game Maker is a game-making software or known as game engine produced by Yoyo Games. This software is often used by novice game developers because the system of game makers is very easy to learn. Game Maker uses a drag and drop system to create an event, spatial arrangement, sprite placement, and so on. Game Maker itself uses the GML programming language, it stands for Game Maker Language to make games more interactive and you can edit the Motion Graphic Design too.

You do not need to worry if you are not too good at programming, because this Game Maker can be used to create games without using GML. Yet, there is a negative point if you create a game using this game engine without the GML language. The results will not be as good as games that use GML. You should learn about the GML language first if not, it doesn’t matter, because the game you created without using a programming language can still be published even if the game is simple. You can make this as the beginning of your game developing progress. If it has developed, you can upload your game on the FileHippo site to earn money.

Construct 2 for 2D Games

Construct 2 is a game-making software or game engine that uses HTML 5 language. This software is specifically for 2D games developed by Scirra. Construct 2 uses HTML5 language which is very easy to learn, so no wonder if this software is chosen by many 2D game developers. Actually, the game created by Construct 2 is specifically used in one platform like the web. Even so, Construct 2 can also be used as a multi-platform, the way is by using certain applications. For example, using help software called Node-Webkit to build games to PC whether it’s Windows, MAC or Linux. Whereas to build into iOS and Android platforms, use the CocoonJS, PhoneGap, and AppMobi software.

The advantage when you use this game engine is that the games that we build will feel light. There are a lot of plugins available that you can use to develop the game. Construct 2 also has event sheet features that make it easier for you who are still unfamiliar with programming languages. There are still many other advantages obtained from Construct 2.

Role Playing Game Maker

For you who want to make RPG games or what is known as Role Playing Game, this software is what you need. This RPG Maker is a software that devoted to making an RPG or Role Playing Game, where we can play a character to complete the adventure. The adventure is not just a mainstream adventure. In RPG, we can complete various kinds of quests, upgrade skills, and fight the highest villains. According to most gamers, RPG games are the most fun game genre to play. You can search various types of RPG games on the FileHippo site.

RPG Maker is actually for a single platform, namely PC. Yet, with the latest version, the RPG Maker MV, we can build our games into various platforms such as PC, IOS, Android and many more. The programming language also changes. Initially, RPG Maker used the Ruby programming language, but after the RPG Maker MV was introduced, RPG Maker changed the programming language to javascript. RPG Maker can make you create a game without using a programming language, that’s because RPG Maker uses a GUI system. Event features are provided in the form of a GUI, so if we want to add an event in a game, we only need to drag or just choose an event to input it into the game. Not only that, this RPG Maker uses the TileMap Mapping Principle. All required sprite maps are available in RPG Maker, character sprites and enemies, also provided by RPG Maker, so we don’t need to make any design. You only need to develop your idea to make this RPG game. The programming language used is only used to add some features that RPG Maker has not provided, for example adding credit, and so on.

Those are some types of game engines that you can use to make a very fun game. For the people who want to become a game developer, this is the time for you to take advantage of the existence of those various applications that will help you in producing lovely games. You can create games that are very fun and make the gamers all over the world are addicted to your game, then you can upload the game that you created on the FileHippo Games site. You can get a lot of money by making people happy with your work. Good luck everybody!

How To Print From Android Phone Via USB Easily

Now printing photos and documents don’t need to use a computer or laptop. With additional applications on Android, anyone can print documents directly from the mobile. Here is an explanation of how to print from an android phone via USB.

Print From Android Phone Via USB Easily

  • Install Applications that are compatible with the printer

Every printer brand has an application that can be downloaded for free through Google Play Store. Search the printer’s brand, and the Google Play Store will show you the application.

Download the application and then install to android phone. Now the phone can connect to the printer through the application.

  • Connect Phone To The Printer

The Second step of how to print from an Android phone via USB is connecting Android phone to the printer. Android devices can use a USB connection with the USB OTG cable.

USB OTG or USB on the go usually used to connect android phones with various devices. For example a printer, monitor, or flash disk.

  • Open The Document or Photo

After connecting the phone with the printer, open the document or photo which user want to print. The third step of how to print from the Android phone via USB can be done with a word processing application on android.

Check the document and correct it if there are errors to be fixed before printing documents or photos. Then, to access the printer menu, look for the print button. The user also can set the paper size and margin first from word processor application menu.

  • Adjust The Paper Size

Paper sizes which are commonly used in printing, for example, A4, Letter, Legal, B5 and so on. Users can choose according to the size of paper available, or according to document requirements.

Paper settings on the Android phone are not much different from those on a computer. So users can still access all the features which are commonly found in applications on a computer.

  • Adjust Print Quality

Through the application on Android, users can adjust the print quality. Printing can be arranged in draft quality, normal, and high quality depending on the brand of printer used.

In addition, the user can also adjust which ink will use to print. For example, the user wants to print documents that are black and white, so the user can choose to use the black cartridge. Whereas if you want to print colored documents, users can choose the color cartridge.

  • Click Print

After the document has been repaired and the paper adjusted, click the print button on the screen. The print button will deliver data to the printer, to produce prints according to user documents.

The availability of an application from the printer for android phone greatly facilitates users who are always in high mobility. Users who only had time to do work on the trip and the difficult to use a computer or laptop on the way to work would be very helpful with the printing feature of an Android phone.

The series of ways to print from an Android phone via USB may differ slightly between one printer brand and another brand. But broadly the things done to print documents from an android phone are as described in this article.

Best Android Launcher Apps You Can Try!

It is common that your current Android’s home screen looks less impressive and does not perform as well as you want. In this case, you can simply download an Android launcher app to change everything into fresher look and performance. Interestingly, there are tons of launchers available out there so that finding the best Android launcher apps that will fit your needs and style can be quite challenging like when you find the best photo editing software. Well, we have several names that you surely need to consider simply to save your time to find the right one from hundreds of apps on the Google Play Store on your own.

4 Best Android Launcher Apps

Nova Launcher

Introduced around three years ago, Nova Launcher has become one of the most favorite Android launchers. There are three essential aspects that make this a great option to try. Nova Launcher is fast, efficient, and lightweight. The key features include dock customizations, folder and icon customizations, notification badges, various gestures, etc. You may try the free version of the app or simply use the premium one to unlock even more features for better experiences.

Evie Launcher

Evie Launcher is known as one of the fastest Android launchers today. The smoothness can surely impress you along with the features including Universal Search, wide range of shortcuts to show on your home screen, various customizations including the app drawer and folder grid, and many more. Unfortunately, this one does not offer you many gestures. However, this is still a great option especially for you who want to use a fast and simple Android launcher.


Apex comes with stunning visual that provides you with thousands of themes. There are various icon packs that you can download from the Play Store. Using one of the best Android launcher apps, you are able to add up to nine customizable home screens. In addition, you can simply hide any apps that you do not need easily. For this, you can download the free or pro version with better and more features as well as gesture options.

Smart Launcher 5

Compared to its predecessor, Smart Launcher 3, Smart Launcher 5 offers you better features including sophisticated UI, impressive themes, adaptive icons, and more. This launcher has weather and clock widget and various gesture controls. In addition, this is also the one with fully resizable widgets and even more customizations that you will like. Many say that this app is not as good as Nova, but still, it is a great option to choose. You can try the free version to see how it works. The premium version is, of course, offers you better things.

Well, those are our recommendations on the best Android launcher apps that you can use to make your Android devices look and perform better with tons of impressive features that you can enjoy. Again, there are a lot more apps that you will find once you search them on the Play Store. However, the list surely provides you with the most chosen today. Thank you for visiting our website and keep visiting us for the next updates.

Things You Need To Know Before Updating HP Printer Driver

If you are an HP printer user, you may find that your printer does not perform well any longer. For sure, this can be caused by various aspects. One of them is the need to update or even reinstall your HP printer driver. There are some signs that remind you to do so including crashes that happen frequently, error notifications when you operate the machine, or you may also experience the fact that your HP printer does not work at all. In addition, the update is also needed when you find that there is the latest version of the printer driver which usually offers better performance both for the printer itself and your PC. No matter what, updating the driver is a good thing to consider. Well, there are some methods that you can try when you need to update your printer driver.

Updating HP Printer Driver Manually

The first method that you can choose to update your HP printer driver is the manual method. What we mean by manual update is that you should manually download the latest or correct version of your printer driver. In this case, the best option is to go to the official website of the manufacturer in order to find the driver software. This one is recommended because the downloadable files can be harmful for your computer. However, you can still look for the printer driver from non-official websites as long as you understand the risk and you know how to avoid it.

The manual process can be a little bit tricky in process. You need to make sure that you read the whole instructions just to make sure that you complete the installation process perfectly. You may also need to have a certain level of computer skill to deal with the installation task.

Updating HP Printer Driver Automatically

For newer printer models, there is no doubt that the manufacturers equip the printers with the ability to ‘communicate’ sophisticatedly with various operating systems. This aspect makes it possible for you to do the automatic update for your HP printer driver. In this case, you will need t go to your PC control panel. Try to understand how to deal with this because different OS may have different methods.

Well, it is obvious that printer driver update is essential to keep your printer run very well. Again, when you want to download any update versions, you have to make sure that you only download the files from the trusted website to avoid unwanted malware.

Introduction of After Effects for Beginners

After Effects is a program from Adobe that is used to create animation, motion graphics, compositing, and visual effects. Adobe After Effects is a very professional software that created for the needs of Motion Graphic Design. By using the combination of various design software that already exists, Adobe After Effects is one of the reliable design software you can choose. After Effects can be used to create all types of animation including the motion graphics.

Information about Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics are all forms of graphics animation that we often see in advertisements, television shows, presentations, films, and also online videos in any sites. For example, it is like the animated titles that show in a television show or movies, and so on. The other examples are like the one in the animation of the advertisement or the other examples.

Compositing and Visual FX

Compositing is the process of layering various graphics, clips, images, or effects on top of each other in order to create a cohesive scene. You can edit clips, images too with Photo Editor software. For example is a video that recorded by using a background or green colored background. The final result on a green background in the video has been changed to another image. This video creation process is called as compositing process. The way to do it is by replacing the green background with a new background. After Effects is also used for similar things. After Effects has the ability to perform layered compositions.

Visual FX or the visual effect is everything that is seen in a video, but something that seems is not something real, for example, is an explosion, a picture of a space station, or even an airplane that explodes in the sky. The various tools and plug-ins available in After Effects make all these things are possible to create.

Get to Know about Animations

The animation is part of all things that are mentioned before. After Effects can be used to create animated works as you want, for example, as you usually see in animated films or cartoons. Although the quality of animation details is not like the making of motion graphics and compositing, yet the story and also the characters in the animation can be built entirely using After Effects or by using a combination of After Effects and other software.

Those are some methods that you can do in After Effects. Then, we will talk about some things that are often created by people using After Effects related to everyday needs. In general, the use of After Effects is for things like lower thirds and transitions. Lower thirds, or commonly termed as CG, is the box located on the bottom three of the video. It is containing information about the name and other information. Meanwhile, the transition is used for a move that takes us from one piece of video to another. The editor usually uses dissolves, cuts, or fades, but you can also make dynamic graphics transitions. After Effects is also commonly used to make the titles in television broadcasts and in the film.

After Effects also has its own advantage depend on the users in various levels. Reliable users can manipulate software for their needs by entering their own code called “expression”. This expression will dynamically produce animation.

After Effects users can also use high-class plug-ins to carry out high techniques that can combine 3D elements, green screen footage, and all kinds of other creative things that are used to build quality animated screens. At the most basic level, it’s easy enough to start studying After Effects. After you have a basic understanding of the tools, you can start moving the layers and build simple animations. If you have mastered the basic steps, then you can take the next step and become an expert in After Effects.

The Top 10 Photo Editing Software

Photography has been a thing in this era along with a newly released camera and the high-end features and so on, yet the result sometimes doesn’t suffice without any editing. Editing a photo will accentuate its beauty, emphasize the sharpness, and retouching the flaws into perfection. To make it as perfect as possible, you will need the best photo editor to do the work.

Paid Photo Editor

When you demand for the best quality, you have to prepare yourself to pay the price. There are some photo editor softwares you can buy, started from the lowest price to the highest depending on what you need. The lists below are filtered from the most used to the least.

  1. Adobe Photoshop Elements

Photoshop has been the number-one choice in editing photo for ages as its quality and the high-definition result has satisfied the users. The price for this photo editing software is approximately $89 to $99.

Along with the high-price, the quality of the editing result that you get will meet your expectation. It offers you many tools for editing and all of them are the high-end editing tools. The layers will also help you to put different effect and combining two pictures perfectly as one.

  1. Corel Paintshop

Paintshop costs $79.9 and you’ll get all the tools its got in editing your photo. The result of this software is just as good as the Photoshop Elements in the right hand, plus, it’s easier to use. You can apply this software in your windows, but if you’ve got Mac, this software is not compatible. In addition, if you plan to make a gif, this is not the software you’re looking for.

  1. Cyberlink PhotoDirector Ultra

If you’re a beginner, it is better for you to choose this software since it has got the basic tutorial and it splits into 8 sections that won’t let the useless tools disrupt your editing time. The tools will differ based on your need, by choosing what kind of editing you will do ahead of time. With only $52.76, you can already get this software from Amazon.

  1. ACDSee Photo Studio

You can find a bunch of high-end tools in ACDSee Photo Studio as it has high-definition result if you can use it well. The tools also come along with a number of effects you can choose for editing your photos. Even though this software doesn’t use the layer as the others which makes it a little bit hard to edit, you can always find the online support that you need. You can get this software for $99.99.

  1. Affinity Photo

If you’re looking for the low price but still having a good quality, you can try Affinity Photo. It only costs $49.99 which is way much cheaper than the others. The user interface is designed to ease the user in navigating the editing process. In addition, it’s compatible with Windows and Mac.

Free Photo Editor

Zero dollars shouldn’t stop you from editing photos since there are a lot of photo editors that are all free – except if you want to go pro – you can find it online. These online photo editors are recommended for you to let out your creative mind.

  1. Pic Monkey

This photo editor will allow you to crop, touch up, apply some effects and the best one is the collage. You can make any collages easier in Pic Monkey as easy as printing it directly and enjoy the print out the result.

  1. Aviary

Aviary will help you touch up your face – brighten, remove flaws or reshape – and fix the red-eyes as well as apply some effects on your pic especially the light effects. This editor can impressively make your photos look like those in the high definition quality.

  1. Fotor

Fotor’s most remarkable editing feature is that it can make triple exposure while others can just make it double. The other tools will let you retouch the facial editing such as brighten and reshape.

  1. Pixlr

This online software allows you to edit like in Photoshop in layers mode and it can retouch your photo as well. Besides, this app can be installed on your phone on both Android and iOS.

  1. On1 Perfect Effects

Empowered with 170 effects, you will find your editing work fun as it is totally free for all the editing tools. On1 Perfect Effects is compatible with any operating system that allows you to freely use this software anywhere and anytime.

Which One is Better: Avira or Avast Antivirus?

Protection from viruses through the internet becomes a necessity in every computer nowadays. Threats of any kind of viruses could have been a damage to your computer and ruin anything inside. The virus can be stopped by installing the protection for the virus or antivirus. Two of the most popular antiviruses are Avira and Avast. Both of them are good and bad in some ways.

The Antiviruses

There are probably hundreds of antivirus programs in the worldwide but there are not many of them which are widely known. Some of them are popular in a country but not for other. From a bunch of antiviruses available on the worldwide, these two are the most familiar: Avira and Avast.

  1. The Features Offered

Each antivirus offers different features and tools to distinguish each other. Yet, the paramount features of antivirus are the ones that defend your computer from the virus. Avira and Avast provide the same features in this matter. Both of the antiviruses will offer these to you: Bootable Rescue Disc, antivirus, anti-malware, anti-spyware, anti-rootkit, and Web Browsing protection.

  • Avira’s Side-Features

Besides the main features above, Avira has got more side-feature that distinguish it from Avast. It is windows firewall management. It helps you manage the Windows Firewall in order to prevent some threats from accessing your computer. The greatest feature of Avira after the windows firewall management is that Avira doesn’t require any registration procedure to activate the product, in other words, you can use it forever for free.

  • Avast’s Side-Features

In Avast antivirus, it has got more in its suite package. They are the silent mode, e-mail client protection, outdated software scanner, Software Updater, and Home Network Security. The silent mode will be very helpful for those who like to play games without any interruptions moreover from an antivirus program. It will certainly leave you in peace whenever you are in the middle of your game.

E-mail client protector will secure your e-mail client for it can be somewhat unsafe when a threat approaches and without any defense from your computer, the data in the e-mail client that you have might be in danger. This side-features will be very useful if you use e-mail client rather than e-mail browser like yahoo or google mail.

There is always a time when you need your programs or software need to be updated. You will need a reminder and a program to detect it for you for that outdated software you’ve got. The software info updater will also help you to continue what has been warned in the outdated software. This continuation feature is considered as useful for some and annoying when it comes way too often. Just think about how many programs you’ve got in your computer and when all of them need to be upgraded, the reminders could have been really disturbing your activities on your computer – although it won’t distract your game time – at the least time, you want to get distracted.

The last side-features offered by Avast is Home Network Security. This feature will not allow any threat gets in the way by scanning the traffic from your router. It is pretty essential to prevent your identity to get stolen and it secures you from any network intrusion.

  1. The User Interface

Getting started the antivirus will put you into the user interface at first. Both Avira and Avast with their features are shown in the user interface. They come in different look and style. After all, their user interface tells you what they can do for your computer.

  • Avira’s User Interface

Avira has got its own good old style that rarely changes over time, though it has changed from the previous one. It has got white as the background and red as the symbol and grey as the accent on the menus. Avira’s user interface shows some direct order for scanning, quarantine, activity, and status. The status is green when it is secured and red when there is a threat.

  • Avast’s User Interface

Avast has got the more eye-catching look than Avira. It has got black as its background color and some simple icons that will help you to find out the activity you want to do with the antivirus quite easily. There is an up-sell banner at the bottom part of the display but it blends very well, so it will not distract you at all. The secure color-indicator is just the same as Avira, it’s green when it’s safe and red when it’s unsafe.

  1. The Performance

Both Avira and Avast have got good performance in stopping the threat that may intrude your computer. As they have got their own features, they also have got different performance. It includes the computer’s boot time, the size and definitely the performance score.

The antivirus definitely affects your computer’s boot-time as they take up some space in the storage. The result of the booting test has resulted that Avira is 2 seconds faster than Avast in boot-time. Avira is also more superior than Avast in performance score in which it gains 2,147 points, while Avast is 2,138 points. However, both of these antiviruses have the same size in the storage room.

The Most Wanted Wireless Speakers

The era has become more modern and we can see that now wireless speakers seem cannot be separated from electronic devices, such as smartphones or music players. There are many wireless speaker brands, such as Logitech, JBL,  Bose, Samsung, Harman Kardon, and so on. In this article, you will be given several things that need to be considered when you choose wireless speakers. You will find a best technology product that suits your needs after reading the review.

Get to Know about Wireless Speakers

Wireless speakers are sound producers that do not need a cable to connect to the source. The source can come from your tablet, smartphone, or music player. This tool is connected to the sound source via radio waves emitted from AirPlay, Bluetooth, or Wi-Fi. The advantages of wireless speakers are that it is easy to carry, easy to use, you don’t have to worry about troublesome installation. This tool can be used to accompany you while you are bathing or cooking. However, wireless speakers also have drawbacks, which can cause interference in the microwave in your home, because it uses the same way of working with the wireless speaker.

How to Choose Wireless Speakers

The following points will help you to choose the right wireless speaker. First is based on pairing problems. If the sound source you use is based on an Android system that is equipped with NFC or Near Field Communication, also known as the AirPlay system such as on an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, etc, so it will be easier for you to pair. Pairing the speakers and music players which both have NFC systems is only to touch it in certain areas. The AirPlay is easier, you only need to touch the icon that appears on the tool you are using, so that the connection between the two gadgets can be activated immediately. However, for smartphones that are not equipped with the NFC feature, you need to read the guidebook first when pairing. Not all products explain in full about how to set this pairing. Consider carefully the pairing procedure before buying it.

Choosing Based on the Sound Quality

Although the statement is stated that a wireless speaker can produce sound with good quality, but in fact, the sound quality depends on the balance of the sound, output, and codec ranges. Consider the following aspects when you choose wireless speakers.

First is to choose based on the characteristics of the music. Types of music such as rock and hip-hop are in a lower tone of voice, while types of music like classical music are on a higher note. Lau, the type of music that is in the middle, like the types of music like pop and music that are commonly used for therapy. This is because the music does not have a tone that is too high or too low. Choose wireless speakers that match the type of music you like.

Sound quality is determined by the power required by the wireless speaker. The speakers that are used in a small room only need the one that has 1 watt of power. If it is used in a larger room, it also needs more power, for example, 10 watts, 50 watts, and so on. The greater the power needed, the better the sound quality is produced.

Then the factors that determine sound quality are codec technology. The codec is a compression technology in the world of music. All data will experience compression when sending voice. Codec technology is something that determines the sound quality productions. Those are some points to consider when you choose wireless speakers to use in your home, hopefully, this information is useful to help you get the best wireless speakers.