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Best Android Launcher Apps You Can Try!

It is common that your current Android’s home screen looks less impressive and does not perform as well as you want. In this case, you can simply download an Android launcher app to change everything into fresher look and performance. Interestingly, there are tons of launchers available out there so that finding the best Android launcher apps that will fit your needs and style can be quite challenging like when you find the best photo editing software. Well, we have several names that you surely need to consider simply to save your time to find the right one from hundreds of apps on the Google Play Store on your own.

4 Best Android Launcher Apps

Nova Launcher

Introduced around three years ago, Nova Launcher has become one of the most favorite Android launchers. There are three essential aspects that make this a great option to try. Nova Launcher is fast, efficient, and lightweight. The key features include dock customizations, folder and icon customizations, notification badges, various gestures, etc. You may try the free version of the app or simply use the premium one to unlock even more features for better experiences.

Evie Launcher

Evie Launcher is known as one of the fastest Android launchers today. The smoothness can surely impress you along with the features including Universal Search, wide range of shortcuts to show on your home screen, various customizations including the app drawer and folder grid, and many more. Unfortunately, this one does not offer you many gestures. However, this is still a great option especially for you who want to use a fast and simple Android launcher.


Apex comes with stunning visual that provides you with thousands of themes. There are various icon packs that you can download from the Play Store. Using one of the best Android launcher apps, you are able to add up to nine customizable home screens. In addition, you can simply hide any apps that you do not need easily. For this, you can download the free or pro version with better and more features as well as gesture options.

Smart Launcher 5

Compared to its predecessor, Smart Launcher 3, Smart Launcher 5 offers you better features including sophisticated UI, impressive themes, adaptive icons, and more. This launcher has weather and clock widget and various gesture controls. In addition, this is also the one with fully resizable widgets and even more customizations that you will like. Many say that this app is not as good as Nova, but still, it is a great option to choose. You can try the free version to see how it works. The premium version is, of course, offers you better things.

Well, those are our recommendations on the best Android launcher apps that you can use to make your Android devices look and perform better with tons of impressive features that you can enjoy. Again, there are a lot more apps that you will find once you search them on the Play Store. However, the list surely provides you with the most chosen today. Thank you for visiting our website and keep visiting us for the next updates.

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