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Things You Need To Know Before Updating HP Printer Driver

If you are an HP printer user, you may find that your printer does not perform well any longer. For sure, this can be caused by various aspects. One of them is the need to update or even reinstall your HP printer driver. There are some signs that remind you to do so including crashes that happen frequently, error notifications when you operate the machine, or you may also experience the fact that your HP printer does not work at all. In addition, the update is also needed when you find that there is the latest version of the printer driver which usually offers better performance both for the printer itself and your PC. No matter what, updating the driver is a good thing to consider. Well, there are some methods that you can try when you need to update your printer driver.

Updating HP Printer Driver Manually

The first method that you can choose to update your HP printer driver is the manual method. What we mean by manual update is that you should manually download the latest or correct version of your printer driver. In this case, the best option is to go to the official website of the manufacturer in order to find the driver software. This one is recommended because the downloadable files can be harmful for your computer. However, you can still look for the printer driver from non-official websites as long as you understand the risk and you know how to avoid it.

The manual process can be a little bit tricky in process. You need to make sure that you read the whole instructions just to make sure that you complete the installation process perfectly. You may also need to have a certain level of computer skill to deal with the installation task.

Updating HP Printer Driver Automatically

For newer printer models, there is no doubt that the manufacturers equip the printers with the ability to ‘communicate’ sophisticatedly with various operating systems. This aspect makes it possible for you to do the automatic update for your HP printer driver. In this case, you will need t go to your PC control panel. Try to understand how to deal with this because different OS may have different methods.

Well, it is obvious that printer driver update is essential to keep your printer run very well. Again, when you want to download any update versions, you have to make sure that you only download the files from the trusted website to avoid unwanted malware.

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