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Introduction of After Effects for Beginners

After Effects is a program from Adobe that is used to create animation, motion graphics, compositing, and visual effects. Adobe After Effects is a very professional software that created for the needs of Motion Graphic Design. By using the combination of various design software that already exists, Adobe After Effects is one of the reliable design software you can choose. After Effects can be used to create all types of animation including the motion graphics.

Information about Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics are all forms of graphics animation that we often see in advertisements, television shows, presentations, films, and also online videos in any sites. For example, it is like the animated titles that show in a television show or movies, and so on. The other examples are like the one in the animation of the advertisement or the other examples.

Compositing and Visual FX

Compositing is the process of layering various graphics, clips, images, or effects on top of each other in order to create a cohesive scene. You can edit clips, images too with Photo Editor software. For example is a video that recorded by using a background or green colored background. The final result on a green background in the video has been changed to another image. This video creation process is called as compositing process. The way to do it is by replacing the green background with a new background. After Effects is also used for similar things. After Effects has the ability to perform layered compositions.

Visual FX or the visual effect is everything that is seen in a video, but something that seems is not something real, for example, is an explosion, a picture of a space station, or even an airplane that explodes in the sky. The various tools and plug-ins available in After Effects make all these things are possible to create.

Get to Know about Animations

The animation is part of all things that are mentioned before. After Effects can be used to create animated works as you want, for example, as you usually see in animated films or cartoons. Although the quality of animation details is not like the making of motion graphics and compositing, yet the story and also the characters in the animation can be built entirely using After Effects or by using a combination of After Effects and other software.

Those are some methods that you can do in After Effects. Then, we will talk about some things that are often created by people using After Effects related to everyday needs. In general, the use of After Effects is for things like lower thirds and transitions. Lower thirds, or commonly termed as CG, is the box located on the bottom three of the video. It is containing information about the name and other information. Meanwhile, the transition is used for a move that takes us from one piece of video to another. The editor usually uses dissolves, cuts, or fades, but you can also make dynamic graphics transitions. After Effects is also commonly used to make the titles in television broadcasts and in the film.

After Effects also has its own advantage depend on the users in various levels. Reliable users can manipulate software for their needs by entering their own code called “expression”. This expression will dynamically produce animation.

After Effects users can also use high-class plug-ins to carry out high techniques that can combine 3D elements, green screen footage, and all kinds of other creative things that are used to build quality animated screens. At the most basic level, it’s easy enough to start studying After Effects. After you have a basic understanding of the tools, you can start moving the layers and build simple animations. If you have mastered the basic steps, then you can take the next step and become an expert in After Effects.