How To Print From Android Phone Via USB Easily

Print From Android
Print From Android
Print From Android

Now printing photos and documents don’t need to use a computer or laptop. With additional applications on Android, anyone can print documents directly from the mobile. Here is an explanation of how to print from an android phone via USB.

Print From Android Phone Via USB Easily

  • Install Applications that are compatible with the printer

Every printer brand has an application that can be downloaded for free through Google Play Store. Search the printer’s brand, and the Google Play Store will show you the application.

Download the application and then install to android phone. Now the phone can connect to the printer through the application.

  • Connect Phone To The Printer

The Second step of how to print from an Android phone via USB is connecting Android phone to the printer. Android devices can use a USB connection with the USB OTG cable.

USB OTG cable
USB OTG cable

USB OTG or USB on the go usually used to connect android phones with various devices. For example a printer, monitor, or flash disk.

  • Open The Document or Photo

After connecting the phone with the printer, open the document or photo which user want to print. The third step of how to print from the Android phone via USB can be done with a word processing application on android.

Check the document and correct it if there are errors to be fixed before printing documents or photos. Then, to access the printer menu, look for the print button. The user also can set the paper size and margin first from word processor application menu.

  • Adjust The Paper Size

Paper sizes which are commonly used in printing, for example, A4, Letter, Legal, B5 and so on. Users can choose according to the size of paper available, or according to document requirements.

Paper settings on the Android phone are not much different from those on a computer. So users can still access all the features which are commonly found in applications on a computer.

  • Adjust Print Quality

Through the application on Android, users can adjust the print quality. Printing can be arranged in draft quality, normal, and high quality depending on the brand of printer used.

In addition, the user can also adjust which ink will use to print. For example, the user wants to print documents that are black and white, so the user can choose to use the black cartridge. Whereas if you want to print colored documents, users can choose the color cartridge.

  • Click Print

After the document has been repaired and the paper adjusted, click the print button on the screen. The print button will deliver data to the printer, to produce prints according to user documents.

The availability of an application from the printer for android phone greatly facilitates users who are always in high mobility. Users who only had time to do work on the trip and the difficult to use a computer or laptop on the way to work would be very helpful with the printing feature of an Android phone.

The series of ways to print from an Android phone via USB may differ slightly between one printer brand and another brand. But broadly the things done to print documents from an android phone are as described in this article.