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The Development of Game Developers in Indonesia

Game Developer in Indonesia now does not want to be outdone by the game developer in other countries. Now, there so many Indonesian game developers who are producing games, even recently, there are local games that are very well known in Play Store, for example, is the Tahu Bulat game produced by Own Games. Then Froggy and Pesticide by None Developer and many more popular local games on the Play Store. Making a game requires the best and high quality software to make it. Most of the game developers are originated from a gamer who wanted to make a game of their own. The following are the review of some of the best game engine software with high quality and easiest to use around the world. You can also look for it on the FileHippo site.

The Well-Known Game Maker

Game Maker is a game-making software or known as game engine produced by Yoyo Games. This software is often used by novice game developers because the system of game makers is very easy to learn. Game Maker uses a drag and drop system to create an event, spatial arrangement, sprite placement, and so on. Game Maker itself uses the GML programming language, it stands for Game Maker Language to make games more interactive and you can edit the Motion Graphic Design too.

You do not need to worry if you are not too good at programming, because this Game Maker can be used to create games without using GML. Yet, there is a negative point if you create a game using this game engine without the GML language. The results will not be as good as games that use GML. You should learn about the GML language first if not, it doesn’t matter, because the game you created without using a programming language can still be published even if the game is simple. You can make this as the beginning of your game developing progress. If it has developed, you can upload your game on the FileHippo site to earn money.

Construct 2 for 2D Games

Construct 2 is a game-making software or game engine that uses HTML 5 language. This software is specifically for 2D games developed by Scirra. Construct 2 uses HTML5 language which is very easy to learn, so no wonder if this software is chosen by many 2D game developers. Actually, the game created by Construct 2 is specifically used in one platform like the web. Even so, Construct 2 can also be used as a multi-platform, the way is by using certain applications. For example, using help software called Node-Webkit to build games to PC whether it’s Windows, MAC or Linux. Whereas to build into iOS and Android platforms, use the CocoonJS, PhoneGap, and AppMobi software.

The advantage when you use this game engine is that the games that we build will feel light. There are a lot of plugins available that you can use to develop the game. Construct 2 also has event sheet features that make it easier for you who are still unfamiliar with programming languages. There are still many other advantages obtained from Construct 2.

Role Playing Game Maker

For you who want to make RPG games or what is known as Role Playing Game, this software is what you need. This RPG Maker is a software that devoted to making an RPG or Role Playing Game, where we can play a character to complete the adventure. The adventure is not just a mainstream adventure. In RPG, we can complete various kinds of quests, upgrade skills, and fight the highest villains. According to most gamers, RPG games are the most fun game genre to play. You can search various types of RPG games on the FileHippo site.

RPG Maker is actually for a single platform, namely PC. Yet, with the latest version, the RPG Maker MV, we can build our games into various platforms such as PC, IOS, Android and many more. The programming language also changes. Initially, RPG Maker used the Ruby programming language, but after the RPG Maker MV was introduced, RPG Maker changed the programming language to javascript. RPG Maker can make you create a game without using a programming language, that’s because RPG Maker uses a GUI system. Event features are provided in the form of a GUI, so if we want to add an event in a game, we only need to drag or just choose an event to input it into the game. Not only that, this RPG Maker uses the TileMap Mapping Principle. All required sprite maps are available in RPG Maker, character sprites and enemies, also provided by RPG Maker, so we don’t need to make any design. You only need to develop your idea to make this RPG game. The programming language used is only used to add some features that RPG Maker has not provided, for example adding credit, and so on.

Those are some types of game engines that you can use to make a very fun game. For the people who want to become a game developer, this is the time for you to take advantage of the existence of those various applications that will help you in producing lovely games. You can create games that are very fun and make the gamers all over the world are addicted to your game, then you can upload the game that you created on the FileHippo Games site. You can get a lot of money by making people happy with your work. Good luck everybody!