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The Most Wanted Wireless Speakers

The era has become more modern and we can see that now wireless speakers seem cannot be separated from electronic devices, such as smartphones or music players. There are many wireless speaker brands, such as Logitech, JBL,  Bose, Samsung, Harman Kardon, and so on. In this article, you will be given several things that need to be considered when you choose wireless speakers. You will find a best technology product that suits your needs after reading the review.

Get to Know about Wireless Speakers

Wireless speakers are sound producers that do not need a cable to connect to the source. The source can come from your tablet, smartphone, or music player. This tool is connected to the sound source via radio waves emitted from AirPlay, Bluetooth, or Wi-Fi. The advantages of wireless speakers are that it is easy to carry, easy to use, you don’t have to worry about troublesome installation. This tool can be used to accompany you while you are bathing or cooking. However, wireless speakers also have drawbacks, which can cause interference in the microwave in your home, because it uses the same way of working with the wireless speaker.

How to Choose Wireless Speakers

The following points will help you to choose the right wireless speaker. First is based on pairing problems. If the sound source you use is based on an Android system that is equipped with NFC or Near Field Communication, also known as the AirPlay system such as on an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, etc, so it will be easier for you to pair. Pairing the speakers and music players which both have NFC systems is only to touch it in certain areas. The AirPlay is easier, you only need to touch the icon that appears on the tool you are using, so that the connection between the two gadgets can be activated immediately. However, for smartphones that are not equipped with the NFC feature, you need to read the guidebook first when pairing. Not all products explain in full about how to set this pairing. Consider carefully the pairing procedure before buying it.

Choosing Based on the Sound Quality

Although the statement is stated that a wireless speaker can produce sound with good quality, but in fact, the sound quality depends on the balance of the sound, output, and codec ranges. Consider the following aspects when you choose wireless speakers.

First is to choose based on the characteristics of the music. Types of music such as rock and hip-hop are in a lower tone of voice, while types of music like classical music are on a higher note. Lau, the type of music that is in the middle, like the types of music like pop and music that are commonly used for therapy. This is because the music does not have a tone that is too high or too low. Choose wireless speakers that match the type of music you like.

Sound quality is determined by the power required by the wireless speaker. The speakers that are used in a small room only need the one that has 1 watt of power. If it is used in a larger room, it also needs more power, for example, 10 watts, 50 watts, and so on. The greater the power needed, the better the sound quality is produced.

Then the factors that determine sound quality are codec technology. The codec is a compression technology in the world of music. All data will experience compression when sending voice. Codec technology is something that determines the sound quality productions. Those are some points to consider when you choose wireless speakers to use in your home, hopefully, this information is useful to help you get the best wireless speakers.