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Which One is Better: Avira or Avast Antivirus?

Protection from viruses through the internet becomes a necessity in every computer nowadays. Threats of any kind of viruses could have been a damage to your computer and ruin anything inside. The virus can be stopped by installing the protection for the virus or antivirus. Two of the most popular antiviruses are Avira and Avast. Both of them are good and bad in some ways.

The Antiviruses

There are probably hundreds of antivirus programs in the worldwide but there are not many of them which are widely known. Some of them are popular in a country but not for other. From a bunch of antiviruses available on the worldwide, these two are the most familiar: Avira and Avast.

  1. The Features Offered

Each antivirus offers different features and tools to distinguish each other. Yet, the paramount features of antivirus are the ones that defend your computer from the virus. Avira and Avast provide the same features in this matter. Both of the antiviruses will offer these to you: Bootable Rescue Disc, antivirus, anti-malware, anti-spyware, anti-rootkit, and Web Browsing protection.

  • Avira’s Side-Features

Besides the main features above, Avira has got more side-feature that distinguish it from Avast. It is windows firewall management. It helps you manage the Windows Firewall in order to prevent some threats from accessing your computer. The greatest feature of Avira after the windows firewall management is that Avira doesn’t require any registration procedure to activate the product, in other words, you can use it forever for free.

  • Avast’s Side-Features

In Avast antivirus, it has got more in its suite package. They are the silent mode, e-mail client protection, outdated software scanner, Software Updater, and Home Network Security. The silent mode will be very helpful for those who like to play games without any interruptions moreover from an antivirus program. It will certainly leave you in peace whenever you are in the middle of your game.

E-mail client protector will secure your e-mail client for it can be somewhat unsafe when a threat approaches and without any defense from your computer, the data in the e-mail client that you have might be in danger. This side-features will be very useful if you use e-mail client rather than e-mail browser like yahoo or google mail.

There is always a time when you need your programs or software need to be updated. You will need a reminder and a program to detect it for you for that outdated software you’ve got. The software info updater will also help you to continue what has been warned in the outdated software. This continuation feature is considered as useful for some and annoying when it comes way too often. Just think about how many programs you’ve got in your computer and when all of them need to be upgraded, the reminders could have been really disturbing your activities on your computer – although it won’t distract your game time – at the least time, you want to get distracted.

The last side-features offered by Avast is Home Network Security. This feature will not allow any threat gets in the way by scanning the traffic from your router. It is pretty essential to prevent your identity to get stolen and it secures you from any network intrusion.

  1. The User Interface

Getting started the antivirus will put you into the user interface at first. Both Avira and Avast with their features are shown in the user interface. They come in different look and style. After all, their user interface tells you what they can do for your computer.

  • Avira’s User Interface

Avira has got its own good old style that rarely changes over time, though it has changed from the previous one. It has got white as the background and red as the symbol and grey as the accent on the menus. Avira’s user interface shows some direct order for scanning, quarantine, activity, and status. The status is green when it is secured and red when there is a threat.

  • Avast’s User Interface

Avast has got the more eye-catching look than Avira. It has got black as its background color and some simple icons that will help you to find out the activity you want to do with the antivirus quite easily. There is an up-sell banner at the bottom part of the display but it blends very well, so it will not distract you at all. The secure color-indicator is just the same as Avira, it’s green when it’s safe and red when it’s unsafe.

  1. The Performance

Both Avira and Avast have got good performance in stopping the threat that may intrude your computer. As they have got their own features, they also have got different performance. It includes the computer’s boot time, the size and definitely the performance score.

The antivirus definitely affects your computer’s boot-time as they take up some space in the storage. The result of the booting test has resulted that Avira is 2 seconds faster than Avast in boot-time. Avira is also more superior than Avast in performance score in which it gains 2,147 points, while Avast is 2,138 points. However, both of these antiviruses have the same size in the storage room.