Tuesday, August 26, 2014

BC Teachers' Strike No Result Yet, Class Schedule is Days Apart

 BC Teachers' Strike No Result Yet, Class Schedule is Days Apart 

As a mother who wants the best for their children, of course, it's so frustrating to know that the school opening has no assurance yet if it will be really open or not on the scheduled date which is Sept. 2 due the teachers' strike that until now has not yet resolved by the parties involved. 

I have read from the newspaper that when the class will be delayed, parents will receive $40 per child per day. Actually, I spoke to some parents that with this government's daily budget, it is certainly not enough to support sending the kids to the daycare or wherever especially if both parents are working. 

All I can say for this recent Teachers' Strike is that whatever their real motives for doing this activity, hopefully it would come to an end soon so the students will be back to their normal school routine even though the number of students per class is horrible. Why I say horrible? Please refer to the image below and you will know why. Anyway, despite of that classroom number issue, our children are so excited to go back to school to see their classmates and in fact, they kept asking me why I haven't bought the school supplies yet being required by the school. For that task, I'll only do it once we got the confirmation and that will be on the 29th which is our son's birthday. Hehehe. By now he is counting the days to receive his gifts. 

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Reach Out to the Certified Garage Door Repair in Austin

Garage doors need to be repaired no matter your location. Especially after heavy storms or hot weather warps your garage door in Texas. Precision Door offers garage door repair in Austin to help solve this issue. Whether your garage door needs fixing from weather or it needs upkeep after years of use, Precision Door is able to efficiently restore your garage door to work seamlessly. The company has repaired thousands of garage doors in a variety of locations in the past 15 years. Austin, Texas is one of many locations Precision Door services. Their technicians are all certified, so you can be sure your garage door will be in working order again quickly.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Preserve History By Repurposing Furniture

We have to acknowledge the fact that furniture design constantly changes in order to be ahead of trends that change every single year. Designs will vary from traditional Victorian to sleek, contemporary, but we do see that designers that tend to go towards sustainable and green furniture materials.

Antique Dining Table
While there are various new pieces that appear on the market and that include recycled materials, we also have what is known as repurposed furniture and the popularity of this is constantly growing. The creative designers will incorporate antique or vintage artifacts in the brand new creations. In most situations, there are only some that are made or just one furniture item. It is not a process that would be used by the larger furniture manufacturers, but all designers that currently look for artistic approaches will appreciate the incorporate of history in the design through items like on unicheinteriorfurnishings.co.uk

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