Monday, December 15, 2014

How London Drugs Employee Lost My Left Item?

It was Monday afternoon when I went to London Drugs Coquitlam Centre Branch to take back my ordered items –one of the coin banks has a defect, the stopper has a tear in it. Besides that, I was unhappy with the printing result because the images were so blurry, supposedly I’d like them to have redone if the store allows it for a free of charge, however, after talking to the staff who assisted me and upon checking photos’ quality he said I have to pay another charge which I decided not to and just forget the blurry result. My images are clear but, the pixel is only 90 and the staff has told me that it must at least 150 but the ideal one is 300dpi. By the way, the customized coin banks are my Christmas gifts for my children, having each of their image printed on it.

London Drugs Bad customer service

Prior knowing that I have to pay if have the items redone, the London Drugs staff asked me if he could check my images being used. So I handed him my flash drive I took from my purse and plug it into their computer and looked at the pictures. Take note, he was using the computer inside their Photo counter where they accept a photo printing and other customized gifts or items. Since it’s month of December, there were a bunch of people in lined. And as three o’clock approaching, time to pick-up the kids in school, so I hurriedly grabbed the coin banks to hit the road and I didn’t realized that I didn’t able to ask the man to return my flash drive to me. He also didn’t bother to unplug it immediately from the computer after viewing my pictures.

Then at home on last Wednesday, I tried to update my blogs, I searched for my new flash drive (the one used at London Drugs) for photo posting, however I found nothing. I searched the purse I used during those previous days but still no flash drive found. I suddenly remember I used it on Monday, December 8 when I took the coin banks to the store. I was 100% sure that I had left the thing in there. So, since the kids were at the school at that time I quickly get changed without even bothering to take a shower. My heart was beating so fast. If I could only fly to the mall instead of walking for about six minutes I would have travelled that way just to know instantly that my flash drive is in good hands. 

Friday, December 5, 2014

Work at Progressive Messenger Ltd. as Operator, is it Worthy Enough?

I met a friend who once worked as a contracting operator at Progressive Ltd. here in British Columbia. To work in this company, you are paid through commission based on the company’s factors, I’ll state this later below. Due to the needs of life, he (my friend) pushed through with the job despite of the lack of detailed computation if how much exactly he would earn per item that he deliver to the client. He happened to work before in Toronto as same job, however it is in different company not the Progressive Ltd. And based on his story he earned that much so he gamble again his time, effort and money.

For you to know, to work as an operator at Progressive you need the following.

1. Own vehicle – you fuel it from your own pocket, you need to change the insurance coverage to Class 13 “Delivery Use”. In addition to that, you must have a minimum of $2,000 third party legal liability insurance.
2.  You need to obtain a municipal’s permit. The cost is $25.
3.  Obtain a Driver’s Abstract.
4. You need to rent the company’s radio device as the way of communicating to them. Its cost is $37.50 per pay period. So that is $75 per month since the operator or messenger gets paid twice a month.
5.  Buy yourself a hard hat, high visibility vest, safety shoes and safety goggles. They require this since their clients are more on construction areas.
6.   If your vehicle is a van or pick up you need a hand cart, you can get this at Canadian Tire or Home Depot. The cost of this is around $45. Again from your own pocket.
7.   The Progressive Messenger Ltd. Company will provide you a 2 decal signs to put on your car. So watch out as you are also advertising their company while you are on the road.
8.   You must have a Worksafe BC coverage at a rate of approximately $25 per pay period.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Staying Home on Black Friday

I know people are so busy shopping today here and there to catch the Black Friday deals which they say it happen only once a year. Really just once a year? Hmmm... I don't think so!

Every time I go to the mall here in Vancouver, the stores are always on sale. However, selected items only but surely time will come that the rest of the items will follow in the future sale event. We just have to be alert. Anyway you can subscribe to the store's email to know the updates. 

Last year, as I remember, I went early to the store on Black Friday event to shop. People were walking back and forth stopping from one store to another. Oh, I've been there, done that and felt so stressful after. Actually if there's really a good deal that you found, it's not that much big difference during other sale events. So where did I go this Black Friday? I simply stay home doing the usual daily routine, drop off and pick up the kids from school and do the other normal errands. No shopping today, just earlier this week I already did some light shopping for the kids' needs.

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