Saturday, March 28, 2015

Choosing the Right UTV For You

In terms of popularity, UTVs are some of the fastest-growing recreational vehicles on the market. But what if you aren't sure how to join the masses? What if you need a little help in buying your first UTV? Here are just seven tips to make the decision easier.

1. Have A Budget

UTVs can get costly, especially if you're modding or upgrading them with special features. Make sure you figure out your price range before you go shopping in order to avoid disappointment.

2. Know Your Needs

Are you looking for something sleek and fast that will send the wind pushing through your hair at 60mph? Or do you need a strong, sturdy workhorse for hauling cargo around your property?

3. Think About Engine Size

In the same vein as the above, engine size plays an important role in the utility of your UTV. Engines with 850cc are made for plowing, icing and farming while engines with 350cc are mostly made for casual riding.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Make Your Ideas a Reality with Screen Printing

Taking an idea from your mind and printing it onto a t-shirt might seem intimidating and expensive, but it is simpler than it appears. In addition, it is possible to set up an economical printing area in your home with a minimum amount of materials. The basic concept behind screen printing is similar to using a stencil. Create your first image starting with something simple without a lot of thin lines. The real purpose is to block the light. Print your design onto transparency paper using a laser printer. In a totally dark room, coat the screen in emulsion using your squeegee. You want a thin, even layer that covers the entire screen. At this point, it is time to expose the image to light. Tape the transparency down and move your light to about one or two feet above the screen. Wait for about 15 to 30 minutes and then carefully pull up the transparency. Rinse your screen with cold water until you can see all the way through your image. Place a t-shirt on a flat surface and put the cardboard inside of the shirt. Pour a small amount of ink on the top of the screen and smooth down using your squeegee. Make sure to cure the ink with a heat source to ensure that it will not wash off. For more details, look at the infographic below.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Apple Cider Vinegar: My New Dandruff Home Remedy

Dandruff issues? Oh, count me in! I am suffering dandruff on my scalp for years already and it certainly bothers me, especially in the winter time when it is so cold and dry. The unwanted white flakes dropping on my shoulders every time I brush my hairs is so embarrassing, and not only that, there’s the itchy feeling that it is hard to control not to scratch it even in public.

What causes dandruff?

Based on my research, there are several causes of dandruff, and below are among of those:

  • Seborrheic dermatitis
  • Eczema
  • Psoriasis
  • Overgrowth of yeast like fungus

In my case, I haven’t visited yet any doctor to ask for right treatment for my scalp problem, however, I have been experimenting to personally treat my scalp through research and with the help of online reviews. In terms of drugstore remedies, I have tried the Neutrogena Dandruff shampoo, but I don’t like the result because it makes my hair and scalp so dry even rinsing the hair very well. I tried putting regular shampoo as well after rinsing the hair with the use dandruff shampoo, but unfortunately my dandruff didn’t go away.

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